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The FBILVCAAA Communications Committee is pleased to share this second edition of “The Las Vegas Monitor” with our chapter members and the Reno Chapter members.

Our initial intent of providing you with interesting, timely, and important information in support of the FBI Field Office’s community outreach objectives has been enhanced with additional segments that we think you will find both informative and relevant. 

The creation of a newsletter is an evolving process. This edition includes sections on recent local FBI news, member information, and important National CAAA events and programs. Comments by the local SAC and our Chapter President will typically be included in each edition of the newsletter.New additions to the publication include a meet a member feature for both Las Vegas and Reno that will be named, “Member Spotlight”. We will also highlight an FBI column that features an FBI agent or staff member. It will be seen as “FBI Spotlight” in the newsletter. A first “Reno Report” is also included with this publication.

We welcome your participation and recommendations with respect to the newsletter as a means of promoting information sharing and enabling member engagement efforts. The Communications Committee point of contact is:

Bob Hulshouser

Also as a reminder, if anyone has any questions regarding their FBILVCAAA membership, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Fred Reyes, at fred.reyes@me.com

A note from Jonathan Ullman, FBILVCAAA Chapter President

Members of the Alumni Association:

It’s official! We have less than one year to plan for the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association Leadership Conference that will take place in Las Vegas from June 29 through July 1 of 2021.

This is a proud occasion for our organization, as we anticipate welcoming over 400 attendees, representing FBI personnel and Citizens Academy Alumni from all fifty states. Not only does this present an opportunity to show off our Field Office and community, the local proximity will make the conference far more accessible to our membership. Traditionally, conference programs have included riveting presentations on past cases, remarks from distinguished FBI leadership, insights from other chapters, and many engaging activities. Without a doubt, the Las Vegas conference will be an extraordinary experience.

Our chapter has much work to do to ensure that this conference lives up to Las Vegas standards. It will be our responsibility to assist with conference registration and a silent auction, arrange opening ceremonials and entertainment, and to plan evening activities for participants. Of course, we must also identify sponsors.

To accomplish all of this, we need to leverage the expertise, connections, and general assistance of our members. This can come many ways… For example, can you introduce us to an entertainer who could sing the national anthem? Could you help us plan a unique behind-the-scenes tour of a popular Las Vegas venue? Do you have access to items for a silent auction or registrant welcome bag? Do you know potential sponsors whose interests align with the mission of the FBILVCAAA?

If you are able to volunteer time or insights to this endeavor, please contact Dory Mizrachi at Dory@fbilvcaaa.org. Dory will match you with the right person or planning committee. Many thanks for joining us in this effort. We could not be more excited about the possibilities!

Jonathan Ullman
President, FBILVCAAA Board of Trustees

A note from Aaron Rouse, Special Agent in Charge

As graduates of our Citizens Academy you’re all familiar with the FBI’s mission: To protect the American people and uphold the Constitution. As law enforcement, we’re bound by an oath to serve all citizens with equal compassion, professionalism, dignity, and respect. The American people should expect nothing less. No one should be above the law, and the FBI stands firm in that belief. When law enforcement fails to fulfill its duty to protect and serve its citizens, it erodes the trust that citizens have in us.

It’s understandable that people want to speak out and protest when they feel that law enforcement hasn’t lived up to the trust they’ve placed in us. The right to peacefully protest is a cherished and protected activity. However, when the protest becomes violent and destructive, it endangers the rights of all and cannot be tolerated. We in the FBI know the difference and stand on the side of protecting the right to speak out as well as the right of the community to be safe during such activity. Our focus these past few weeks has not been on peaceful protesters, but on those threatening their safety and the safety of other citizens with violence and destruction of property. In fact, our JTTF arrested three domestic terrorists who were planning on using the protests to commit violence against the police. Think of the damage to any legitimate concerns that would have been done if the protests to announce those concerns were hijacked by violent perpetrators.

As you know, we are the lead federal agency responsible for investigating federal civil rights and color of law violations. These investigations are at the heart of what we do, because civil liberties and civil rights are at the heart of who we are as Americans. You also know that investigations take time. The justice system moves slowly to ensure dispassionate due process for all citizens, including those who may wear a badge. I have trust and confidence that the situations of concern throughout the country will be thoroughly investigated and the appropriate justice, based upon the evidence and the rule of law, will be done.

I think now is the time for all of us to listen, learn, and work together to find ways to improve, so that our country can move forward. I can assure you that the FBI remains committed to doing just that.

I’m looking forward to our next State of the Field Office tomorrow!

Member Spotlight

Amar Chadha
Class of 2013

Amar Chadha can be readily described as a consummate volunteer in support of the FBILVCAAA in its commitment to the FBI’s community outreach efforts. Furthermore, his overall impact and ongoing dedication to this community as a dedicated volunteer leader has been exemplary.

Prior to his FBI Citizens Academy selection for the class of 2013, Amar was active in working with the Metro Volunteer Program where he was instrumental in building positive relationships between LVMPD and the local Sikh community of about 9,000. He graduated from the Metro Citizens Academy in 2015.

His participation in the FBI Las Vegas Citizens Academy provided him with additional opportunities to establish a bridge between the FBI and the Sikhs.

An active volunteer with the FBILVCAAA, Amar was selected to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees of the association in 2016. One of his key volunteer positions involves the coordination of the FBILVCAAA’s Annual Golf Tournament and in obtaining sponsorships for this major fundraising initiative. Amar is also involved as the sponsorship chair for the National CAAA Conference in Las Vegas in 2021.

In May 2020, Sikhs Engaged in Volunteer Activities (SEVA) partnered with Metro in holding two free food and mask distribution drives amounting to over 2,500 meals and 4,000 masks. The FBILVCAAA helped in supporting this imitative. Amar serves as the CEO of SEVA. He and his wife, Jasmeet, finance and operate this non-profit charitable organization.

In a recent Metro Volunteer Program newsletter, “The All-Points Bulletin” (Volume 17, Issue 6 – June 2020), Amar was featured in an article, “Community Partnership Benefits All”. In the article, Amar related an event about 10 years ago that changed his life and volunteer direction. To quote the article by Mikel Frederick: “At a local Starbucks, Chadha, dressed in a suit and wearing a turban, was reviewing a loan application when he was approached and detained by two LVMPD officers. Chadha said the officers were searching for a possible bomb suspect who had threatened a nearby bank. For him, it was a life-changing event that spurred him to get involved with local law enforcement”. This event was a case of mistaken identity. Amar said that it was related to his identity as a “Sikh man with turban”. Rather than initiating a complaint against the LVMPD, Amar saw this as an opportunity to reach out to the law enforcement community to build positive relationships between the LVMPD and the Sikh community.

In his “spare time”, Amar enjoys conducting cultural and religious events in and around the Las Vegas area. His accolades and appointments include: Board of Directors of the Metro Sheriff’s Multi-Cultural Advisory Council; Board of Directors to the Clark County Law Foundation; Prior service on the Commission of Minority Affairs under Governor Sandoval (2013-2018).

In 2019, Mayor Carolyn Goodman presented Amar with the Compassionate Leader Award. In 2018, he was recognized as a Community Champion by the Clark County Law Foundation.

Born and raised in Delhi, India, Amar came to the USA in 2000 and serves as a mortgage banker here.

If asked how he can accomplish so much in service to the FBILVCAAA and this community, Amar states that he tries to do “little things” that may help others. An understated, honorable and humble volunteer, indeed. True to the tenets of his Sikh faith, Amar strives to help others less fortunate; earning an honest living and remembering God at all times.

Thank you,

Membership Recognition

John J. Grady (2004)
Ikram Khan (2006)
Gary Lein (2005)
Sanford D. Mangold (2009)
James R. Marsh (2004)
Valerie A. Murzl (2006)
Michael A. Saltman (2009)
Lawrence J. Semenza (2003)
Mary G. Siero (2010)
Raymond P. Suppe (2010)

John R. Bailey (2003)
Anthony J. Bonnici (2005)
Bruce D. Deifik (2006)
John Donahue (2019)
Iain Finlayson (2018)
Grant, John (2017)
Shazia Kirmani-Pasha (2012)
Hae Un Lee (2003)
Mark E. McKinley (2011)
David Mizrahi (2018)
Tony F. Sanchez III (2003)
Anthony Sanfilippo (2003)
Timothy Wong (2006)

Brian Alu (2019)
Matthew Becker (2018)
Larry E. Carter (2005)
David Dahan (2016)
Chrisann Flatt (2019)
Robert D. Hulshouser (2010)
Khanh Pham (2018)
Mary Beth Sewald (2018)
Robert Torres (2017)
Chris Way (2019)
Mickey Weisz (2014)
Mark Wiley (2020)

Spotlight: Inside the FBI

Introducing ASAC Cynthia Santana

ASAC Cynthia Santana received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Minnesota in 1993. Prior to working for the FBI, ASAC Santana worked as a Financial Worker for Hennepin County in Minneapolis, Minnesota. ASAC Santana entered on duty as a Special Agent (SA) of the FBI in January 2001 and has worked in the Tucson Resident Agency within the Phoenix Division, the Northern Virginia Resident Agency within the Washington Field Office, the Las Vegas Division, and FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C. ASAC Santana has worked Public Corruption, Health Care Fraud, and was a certified Crisis Negotiator. In 2014, ASAC Santana was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent in Las Vegas and supervised Health Care Fraud, Complex Financial Crimes, Human Intelligence and a various administrative program. In May 2020, ASAC Santana was selected as the Assistant Special Agent assigned to National Security and Intelligence.

Reno Report

Introducing ASAC Cynthia Santana

Reno is excited to announce our 2020/2021 board of directors. The Reno Chapter was created in the fall of 2019 and the board quickly launched its website, membership drive and hosted two briefings for our local alumni. This fall Reno will be hosting its fourth Citizens Academy and we look forward to supporting our alumni, community and mission of the organization.

Reno Chapter Board of Directors:

Phil MacDougall
MacDougall Productions

Vice President
Michael Murray
Lotus Radio Corporation

Charlene Hart
University of Nevada, Reno

Tania Broucker
First Independent Bank

Board Member
Carlos Cardillo
University of Nevada, Reno

Board Member
Melany Denny

Board Member
Eric Edelstein
Reno Aces & Reno 1868 FC

Board Member
Elizabeth Loun
University of Nevada, Reno

Editorial Comment: Welcome aboard to our friends and fellow “Battle Born” FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association members in Reno. Together, we can be a force multiplier in support of the FBI Las Vegas Division in meeting its community outreach initiatives.

Q2 State of the Field Office

State of the Field Office

with remarks by SAC Aaron Rouse, ASAC Santana, and Kathleen Magnafici

Thursday, July 30th
4:00 PM PST

The event will be held remotely via Zoom

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Password: 673947

We are pleased to announce that after working in coordination with the FBI Field Office,the Q2 State of the Field Office event will be held virtually on Thursday, July 30th at 4:00pm. Our speakers for this event will be SAC Aaron Rouse, ASAC Cynthia Santana, and Supervisor Kathleen Magnafici. 

ASAC Santana will discuss about the importance of JTTF’s in field offices and their focus the last few weeks on protecting peaceful protesters from those threatening their safety and the safety of other citizens with violence and destruction of property.  She will also discuss a case that has received significant media coverage, both locally and nationally: The LV JTTF arrest of three individuals that are part of the Boogaloo Movement. In addition, Supervisor Kathleen Magnafici will be present to discuss Election Fraud. 

Should you have any questions for SAC Rouse, ASAC Santana, or Supervisor Kathleen Magnafici that you would like answered during the event, please email them to Sandy Breault, Public Affairs Officer for the FBI Las Vegas Division, on or before Wednesday, July 27th at sdbreault@fbi.gov

Recent FBI Press Releases

FBI sees spike in fraudulent unemployment insurance claims filed using stolen identities:

FBI warns of potential fraud in antibody testing for COVID-19: 

FBI Message on Election Fraud

For three decades, the FBI, through its Criminal Investigative Division and in coordination with the DOJ Public Integrity Section, has served as the primary investigative agency responsible for engaging with election security counterparts to coordinate strategies and safeguard election integrity. This includes investigating allegations of voter and ballot fraud, campaign finance crimes, civil rights violations, computer crimes affecting voter registration and electronic voting systems, and threats posed by foreign governments and actors. 

In an effort to mitigate election crimes, all 56 field offices have one agent serving as an election crimes coordinator (ECC). Effective October 2019, each field office also designated an intelligence analyst to serve as an ECC. Together, the agent and analyst ECCs will lead the FBI’s efforts to generate intelligence, investigate threats, and serve as the lead points of contact for all election-related matters in their field office’s area of responsibility. 

Due to the ongoing issue of cyber threats to the election process and the potential of foreign influence on democratic processes and institutions, the FBI established the Foreign Influence Task Force in 2017. The task force—which includes personnel from CID, the Counterintelligence Division, the Cyber Division, and the Counterterrorism Division—allows the FBI to more thoroughly address the blended threats posed by today’s unique political climate.  

Federal election crimes fall into three broad categories: campaign finance crimes, voter/ballot fraud, and civil rights violations.  

The FBI has jurisdiction to investigate election-related crimes when:  
The ballot involves one or more federal candidates; the alleged crime involves official misconduct by a polling or election official; the alleged activity pertains to fraudulent voter registration; non-U.S. citizens vote; and Interstate facilities are used to violate state election laws in non-federal elections.

The FBI does not investigate:  
Voter facilitation activities (e.g., giving rides to polling places, offering time off to vote, or providing items of minimal value, like stamps, for absentee ballots); violations of state campaign finance laws—unless a misappropriation of campaign assets occurred through mail, wire, or other fraud covered by a federal statute; distributing inaccurate campaign literature or making false claims about an opponent; campaigning too close to the polls; or a candidate trying to convince an opponent to withdraw from a race.

Important: FBI Landing Page on COVID-19

In order to centralize the information we are providing the public, the FBI has created a landing page that contains the most accurate and up-to-date information on COVID-19. There are threats you should be aware of, so you can prepare to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family. https://www.fbi.gov/coronavirus

Social Media Reminders

If you are interested in joining the closed FBI Las Vegas Citizens Academy Alumni Facebook page – please search FBI Las Vegas Citizens Academy Alumni Association and request to join. The page is restricted to Alumni graduates and select FBI employees.

Follow @FBILasVegas for daily updates on scams, fraud, arrests, outreach initiatives, etc.

Help Wanted

FBILVCAAA and Reno volunteers for the “Member Spotlight” column in the next quarterly “LV Monitor”

Volunteers to assist in the many activities and programs for the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association Conference in Las Vegas from June 29 to July 1, 2020. Please contact Dory Mizrachi at Dory@fbilvcaaa.org

Any suggestions or comments about our newsletter are encouraged. Contact Bob Hulshouser at:rhulshouser@uerlv.com or 702-283-0133.

The FBI Las Vegas CAAA is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI.

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